I completed my degree in fine arts at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 2008. I worked as a full-time artist from my home studio and enjoyed giving adult art lessons.


In October 2016, my family and I immigrated to New Zealand, where I have been able to continue my art practice in my new and extremely beautiful surroundings. I count it a blessing to call New Plymouth, Taranaki my home.


At the age of 19 a year in Belgium, as a Rotary exchange student, afforded me the opportunity to travel through Europe and live in an environment very different from the one I grew up in. This year was instrumental in developing my interest in the diversity and similarities of people and cultures. I am particularly interested in our 'human condition', and how the common denominator of our humanity, as the crown of creation, is more powerful than any of our differences.

In past works, I have enjoyed exploring the possibility of 'weaving' with paint as a metaphor for flesh with reference to Psalm 139. My interest in the flesh, universally bound by time and always in a state of change, has continued to influence my work.


Subsequently, Portraiture has become a vehicle through which I can visually process concepts of identity, growth, and character. I have become acutely aware that 'the flesh' is much like 'the character' in that it is in a constant state of change and adaptation. The limiting constraints of space and time, and the finite nature of our understanding, experience, and knowledge both humbles me and intrigues me to seek truth.






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