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This self-portrait, as an exploration of the self, deals with creation and the fabrication of flesh, both as a process and a substance. In reference to Psalm 139, a weave-like paint application explores the fibre of life and expresses the involvement of a divine hand.

The re-creative act eliminates chance, and ominously allures to mortality as the ball of twine is expected to unravel. This is ironically met with the monumental scale and immortalizing nature of oil paint. Furthermore a distinction between body, and soul and spirit, is suggested by the thin twine twisting and bending; not concrete, but indeed delicately constructed almost like a mock piece of knitwear to the true self. 

As creature attempts to create, the notion of authenticity is brought into question as here, re-creation finds identity in creation and creation ultimately finds its identity in the creator. 


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